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Will 2014 be an expansion or liquidation year?
End of Year Breakevens Spike Higher
Cattle Feeding Equity Rebuilding - But Profit Cycle End in Sight?
Feedyard Death Loss Continues To Rise
Ground Beef Nation?
Will changing consumer preferences affect the way we feed cattle?


Feedlot Data Snapshot

Average Daily Gain3.30
Feed Conversion (DM)6.30
Days on Feed170
Total Cost of Gain94.58
Feed Cost of Gain88.28
Avg Daily Intake (DM)20.76
Placement Weight756
Finish Weight1330
Vet/Med Costs19.30
Death Loss (%)0.02

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Will 2014 be an expansion or liquidation year? By: Shawn Walter Published: 08/24/2014
Many industry analysts have speculated as to whether 2014 will end up being an expansion year or at lease will cow numbers start to stabilize, or if the liquidation trend will continue. Of the available datasets used for the analysis including monthly slaughter data, USDA placement data and other private placement datasets, most don’t distinguish Holsteins and Mexicans from beef cattle. As a result, the noise created from regional shifts in Holstein feeding and varying levels of imports from Mexico can make the data difficult to interpret.
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End of Year Breakevens Spike Higher By: Shawn Walter Published: 07/23/2014
The current surge in feeder cattle prices is no doubt linked to the current feeding profitability levels, and the breakevens being purchased today reflect that. November fed cattle breakevens pushed over 150 and December is very close to 160.
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Cattle Feeding Equity Rebuilding - But Profit Cycle End in Sight? By: Shawn Walter Published: 06/12/2014
The PCC estimate for May feeding profit came in at $183 per head for steers and $175 for heifers, which is $322 per head better than May 2013. That’s a big year-to-year swing.
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Quick Takes

Total cost-of-gain dropped 3.5 cents per pound to 96.33 and is now lower than it has been since March 2011. Ration prices the last several months combined with seasonal improvements in performance should continue to drive closeout cost of gains into the low 90’s.
Average Daily Gains have been exceptional for all of 2014 At 3.17 pounds per day, May steer closeouts continue to show record high daily gains.

Conversions are a little better than last year, running in the same ranges as 2010 and 2013 but not nearly as good as they were in 2011 and 2012.
Death Loss on Steers dropped below previous year levels on May closeouts but still remains above the 5 year average. Death losses should drop seasonally through the next several months.