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2013 Feeding Performance Review
Cost of Gains Dropping -- Break Evens on the Rise
Rapid Return to Profitability
Fed Supplies Front End Weighted - Winter supplies will be tight
Give and Take - relationships between Gain and Conversions


Feedlot Data Snapshot

Average Daily Gain3.18
Feed Conversion (DM)6.65
Days on Feed163
Total Cost of Gain101.86
Feed Cost of Gain95.90
Avg Daily Intake (DM)21.19
Placement Weight768
Finish Weight1307
Vet/Med Costs20.26
Death Loss (%)0.02

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2013 Feeding Performance Review By: Shawn Walter Published: 01/24/2014
The biggest event for 2013 had to be the fact that we made a decent a corn crop. By end of the year, corn prices dropped to levels not seen since late 2010.
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Cost of Gains Dropping -- Break Evens on the Rise By: Shawn Walter Published: 12/26/2013
While cost of gains have dropped and feeder cattle supplies are tight, current economics don’t support the recent run in feeder cattle prices in order to maintain cattle feeding profits.
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Rapid Return to Profitability By: Shawn Walter Published: 11/25/2013
It is a big relief to see profitability return to cattle feeding however, even though corn prices have dropped significantly from previous year levels, higher priced feeders are pushing breakevens back up which will limit profitability through the first half of 2014.
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Quick Takes

Cost of gains jumped again to exceed $130/cwt for total cost of gain. Most of the increase can be attributed to seasonal performance, but back-calculated closeout average ration prices did inch higher.
Average Daily Gains and Conversions are starting the year very close to the 5 year average but not as good as the last 2 years.
Days on feed are still running well above levels seen the last 5 years and is both a product of lighter placement weights and more days on feed even by placement weight group.